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About this blog:

Every month, Heaven’s Family helps far more people than we could ever highlight in our monthly magazines. For that reason, this blog contains additional photos and stories of some of the “least of these” among our spiritual family whom we’ve recently been blessed to serve.

27 Feb

Congolese Steeler Fans

I'm tagging along in East Africa with three of Heaven's Family's finest: my wife, Becky, who directs our Refugee Ministry, Diane Scott, who directs our Safe Water Ministry and Food Ministry, and Mel Miller, who has recently joined our staff after retiring as a career pilot for American Airlines. Mel is being trained to take over directorship of the Refugee Ministry as it has exceeded Becky's time capacity.

13 Feb

“I Love It When a Plan Comes Together”

With the landscape of Malawi slowly receding under the wings of our plane, we headed for Rwanda. Tagging along were my good friends and ministry partners Dickson Shuwali and Charles Mithowa, both of whom we had already spent several days with in Malawi, and were soon to rendezvous with trainers from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda to create a truly international team—one that the "A-Team" of the 80s TV show would envy!

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