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Can $20 Really Make a Difference?

In some developing countries, yes. Very poor people often live on $2 per day or less, and in most of the nations where Orphan's Tear partners with Christian orphanages, a child can be sustained for $40 per month.

Keep in mind that all of the orphanages that are assisted by Orphan's Tear were already in operation when we began our partnership. All of them were already receiving limited assistance from Christians or churches in their own countries, but they were struggling. With your $20- or $40-per-month sponsorship, we are able to significantly improve the quality of the lives of the children.

We think it is a good idea to help existing orphanages with supplemental support that already have indigenous support. That way we aren't robbing indigenous Christians of the blessing of obeying the Lord's commandments to care for orphans, nor are we creating a market for orphans or promoting unhealthy dependencies. And we are glad to provide a means whereby any Christian in the world can find the joy of obeying God's commandment to care for orphans.