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Change a Life

Amazingly, in many poor nations, $40 a month goes a long way to provide food, clothing, and school fees for one orphan for one month. When you sponsor one child, your monthly gift actually benefits an entire orphanage, so that in each orphanage, sponsored children are not given preferential treatment over unsponsored children. Our prayerful goal is to find sponsors for every child at every orphanage that we assist (and we hope that you might even help us find sponsors by sharing about your child with others). In any case, your monthly gift directly benefits your child and other children in the same orphanage.

Orphan's Tear works with orphanages that we have personally visited and with orphanage directors whom we personally know. Every orphanage we assist is required to have a board of trustees consisting of respected Christian leaders within the community who are not the director's family members or orphanage employees.

Orphan's Tear is also overseen by a similar board of directors. Annual financial statements are available upon request. We are committed to financial integrity.

In addition to sponsoring a child, there are other ways you can help!

Honor someone you love with a contribution to Orphan's Tear on their behalf. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or any time. We can mail a gift card to you or to the recipient of your gift. (For gift card orders from outside of the United States, please contact us.)

Give to the Orphan's Tear Special Gifts Fund—allowing us to meet pressing orphanage needs above and beyond $40-a-month sponsorships.

Support Orphan's Tear's vision to find Christian families who are willing to bring an orphan in as one of their own through the Orphan's Tear Foster Care Initiative Fund.

Help us strive to make Orphan's Tear-sponsored orphanages more self-sustaining by giving to the Orphan's Tear Self-Sufficiency Fund.