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The History of Orphan's Tear

Myanmar (Burma) is one of Asia's poorest nations. In 2001, during my first of many trips there, I was invited to visit several Christian orphanages that were overseen by some of the godly pastors whom I had come to serve. I found that their orphanages were in desperate need of help. Precious children were squeezed into small rented homes, sleeping in rows on the floors. They had little to eat. Their clothing was ragged. Their needs were overwhelming.

The orphanage directors asked for my help, but there was little that I could offer them. I could not, however, forget the children whom I'd met. When I returned home I began to pray about how we could improve their lives. And a plan was born. One year later, I returned to Myanmar and took portraits of a couple of hundred children in several Christian orphanages. We then posted those photos on a website and prayed for $20-per-month sponsors. That was the birth of Orphan's Tear. Because of ever-increasing inflation since then, in 2012 we had little choice but to increase the monthly child sponsorship amount to $40, which can be provided either by one $40-per-month sponsor or two $20 per month sponsors.

Since then, God has blessed our efforts. Over 1,000 children have been sponsored in over 50 Christian orphanages in at least 9 nations including Myanmar, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Moldova, Nepal, Tanzania, Malawi and India. The quality of the children's lives has increased significantly. They are eating three good meals a day, all going to school, not wearing rags, and the majority are living in well-built dorms that we've funded.

In some cases, we've been able to provide land and oxen so the orphanages can grow their own rice and vegetables, empowering them to become more self-sufficient.

Most importantly, the children are all receiving spiritual nurture from dedicated Christian directors and overseers.

The key to all this blessing has been people like you who care for orphans. Orphan's Tear is funded by sponsors and contributors from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Anguilla, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, Iran, Malaysia, Poland, Sweden, Singapore and South Africa.

In the years ahead, we hope that thousands of orphans around the world will find the care they are praying for because of compassionate sponsors like you!