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Orphan's Tear Media

The Precious Faces of Orphan's Tear

See the precious faces of the children in the Orphan's Tear sponsorship program.

A Day in the Life of an Orphan

Tag along with Moses, a nine-year-old orphan in Myanmar, performing his typical daily activities.

Mission to Homeless Children Orphanage

Promotional video to build a new dormitory for the orphanage, Mission to Homeless Children, in Tanzania, East Africa for children whose parents died of AIDS.

Mizo Bamboo Dance

Jehovah-Jireh Children's Home in Myanmar (Burma) perform a traditional Mizo Bamboo (Cheraw) Dance.

Handicapped Care Center

The Handicapped Care Center in Myanmar (Burma) gets a new building. Almost all of the children who live at this orphanage are handicapped and have polio.

Orphan’s Tear uses none of the contributions received for fundraising or administrative purposes. 100% of everything we receive from you directly benefits orphans. General gifts to our parent ministry, Heaven's Family, provide the administrative costs of Orphan's Tear.