Caring for Orphans, Widows and Christians in Need

A Note from David…

With a friend in Kenya

How does God lead us? Primarily through His Word. There is little sense in seeking His unique will for our lives if we are ignoring His revealed will for everyone.

From His Word, we know it is His will that the gospel be preached in all the world, and we know that all of us should be involved in the process. But one person can’t do it all. So how do you know what is your part?

Usually, God opens a door of opportunity. If we’ll walk through it, there will be other doors.

God is opening more and more doors for Heaven’s Family to serve our suffering spiritual family in the Muslim world. This month’s article The First Jabali describes one opportunity. Thanks for joining us as we walk through these doors! — David

This Month’s Articles

Dumpster Babies
Every day in Kenya, 300 babies are abandoned

He didn’t arrive with a name—abandoned babies usually don’t come with anything that identifies their origin. But by the time I met him—just a few hours after his mother had discarded him in a dumpster—he was Philip, a name bestowed upon him by angels, sort of. Continue Reading…

The First Jabali
How can people in strict Muslim countries hear about Jesus?

Ahmad woke with tears flowing down his cheeks. A man whom he hated had appeared to him in a dream. That man told Ahmad, “I still love you.”

Ahmad is a member of the Jabali, an ethnic group of about 25,000 souls who reside in a mountainous area of Oman on the Arabian Peninsula. Until recently, there were no known Christian believers among them. Isolated within a strict Muslim nation, the Jabali have been virtually impossible to reach with the gospel. Nothing, however, is impossible with God, who is the Great Evangelist. Continue Reading…

Fabricating His Future
A young man builds a new life after being orphaned by tragedy

It was the day after Christmas, 2004. The sun rose over the Indian Ocean just like any other day along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. No one who watched the sunrise that morning would have imagined what was silently racing towards them across hundreds of miles of water. Mega-waves, triggered by an earthquake under the Indian Ocean, would soon roll across shorelines throughout the region without mercy, causing death and destruction. More than 38,000 Sri Lankans would lose their lives in the tsunami. Lavan’s father would be one of them. Continue Reading…

Her incredible story left me stunned

Two more mouths to feed, thought the father of twin infant daughters. Two mouths too many. Born into abject poverty in a village along Cambodia’s Mekong River, the girls only signaled additional hardship to a family barely surviving. Continue Reading…

Locked Up in Angola Hilton
What was I doing in a prison cell on death row?

So this is what it’s like, I thought to myself. I was lying on the thin mattress of a metal-framed bunk. Concrete block walls surrounded me on 3 sides, and thick steel bars completed the enclosure of my 6-foot by 9-foot prison cell. Continue Reading…

This Month’s Teaching

A Profit-Making Nonprofit
by David Servant

In April’s e-teaching I shot a sacred cow about tithing to the local church. I pulled the trigger with fear and trepidation.

My fears, however, proved to be baseless, as most of the feedback I received was very positive. We emailed that e-teaching to 9,000 subscribers. We also posted it on our website here, where about 4,500 people have since read it. 888 Facebook subscribers “liked” it and 529 of them “shared” it. That made it our most popular e-teaching ever. Continue Reading…

Parting Shot: Chick Whisperer

The well known idiom, “A little bird told me,” probably has its origins in Ecclesiastes 10:20: “Furthermore, in your bedchamber do not curse a king, and in your sleeping rooms do not curse a rich man, for a bird of the heavens will carry the sound and the winged creature will make the matter known.” This little bird appears to be sharing one of those secrets to a little girl at Jordan Orphanage in Myanmar.

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