A Low-Ranking Christian Monk Reaps a Harvest


A Low-Ranking Christian Monk Reaps a Harvest

U Htun Yin invited 18 of his Buddhist neighbors and family members to his house to hear the gospel. This unlikely event occurred because of a faithful Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary in Myanmar named Thein Myo Aung, and some faithful partners half a world away in Colorado. Let me take you back to the beginning of this story two months earlier. That’s when Thein Myo first met U Htun and tried to share the gospel with him. U Htun, a very devoted Buddhist Kapiyah (a person who attends to a higher-ranking monk), quickly brushed him off. Out of politeness he did, however, accept a gospel tract Thein Myo handed to him as he left.

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A Home for Jopai

Jopai slept along a street in the slums of Cebu City, the Philippines, each night. Her home consisted of an old tarp draped over a discarded metal frame. She shared that space with her mother and siblings—Joy, her sister, and 2 younger brothers. Her mother did all she could to provide for the 5 of them, but although she worked hard all day cleaning fish, she earned only about a dollar a day—barely enough to buy the rice and soup they needed to survive each day. All else was a luxury they couldn’t afford, including the children’s education.

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A Match Made at Heaven’s Family

It’s official! The Prison Ministry Fund has joined together with the Drug Rehab Fund to create the Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund. It’s a match made in heaven, meant to better serve our brothers and sisters struggling to restart their lives in prison, or deliver them from the bondage of addiction. By combining these two funds we can reduce administrative costs and maximize the effectiveness of your contributions. Our contacts, who have been ministering directly on our behalf with disbursements from these two funds, have very similar goals and challenges. And many drug addicts end up in prison, while many inmates are in prison because of drug-related crimes.

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God’s Challenge: Believe and be Healed!

Pan Gurung (above center) heads a family that lived in hopelessness and spiritual darkness. For the last several years, he’s suffered from an unknown skin disease that covered his arms and legs with oozing sores that bled regularly. He couldn’t sleep, and was afraid to be seen during the day. Neither doctors nor medications helped. Pan’s only choice, he thought, was to accept his miserable fate.

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Let me kiss your hands!

When your life is in real danger, you flee as fast as you can with your family and loved ones, leaving everything else behind. That’s what Alyia (not her real name) and her family did when the persecution against Christians, currently taking place in Iraq from ISIS, came to their village. Due to Alyia’s frail, aged condition, however, she had to be carried.

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Soup, Coffee and Love, Please

The laws of supply and demand govern the price and sale of everyday items like strawberries and gas for our cars. It also governs the sale of human beings who have been trafficked into a worldwide web of evil that reaches into every corner of the world—including our own suburban neighborhoods. Last June I traveled to the small nation of Latvia with my wife, Karin, who co-directs the Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund with me, to visit a lesser-known corner of that insidious web on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Eastern Europe.

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Saving Lives with a Sewing Machine

Gui Lan has a special ministry among those, like her, who suffer the debilitating effects of leprosy. She uses her sewing skills and a rugged, foot-operated sewing machine provided by Heaven’s Family to take care of the general sewing needs of her fellow village members, who live exiled from the world, tucked out of sight, high up in the mountains of Yunnan Province, China.

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Part-Time Work, Eternal Benefits

My name is Kyan. I’m 45 years old. I have a wife and two children. That may not interest you, nor will my lowly day job…but perhaps my part-time work will. You see, I’m a smuggler for the underground church in North Korea. In 2007, I began illegally crossing the border of North Korea into China to find food for my family, just like many other desperate families have to do. During my visits, I met kind Christians who helped me gather the supplies I came searching for. They also invited me to attend their secret worship services where I met Jesus Christ. My new friends even opened a safe house near the border where those like me could be discipled in our new faith.

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