Feet of Gold


Feet of Gold

Can you remember when you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior? I was a high school sophomore at a retreat in Oglebay Park, West Virginia. My Young Life leader opened the Word of God to me in a way no one had before. To him I am forever grateful.

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Laboring for Love

Isn't it ironic. Rain falling in torrents—so much rainwater that it comes up to your knees—but you can't drink it. Purified water is desperately needed when flooding occurs, and so are clean, sturdy containers to keep the water pure while living through days and weeks of ubiquitous mud, mosquitos and misery.

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Here to Serve Them, and You

Widows are made when husbands die prematurely. In their absence, women and children in poor nations are often left with nothing—no money for rent, medicine or even food. No government assistance ever comes. Other "widows," such as Miriam in the photo above, are made when husbands leave their families for other women, or to pursue lives of crime or drugs—or all of the above.

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Happy Bellies, Big Smiles

I wanted to cry tears of sadness when I first heard about Kandy (not her real name). She weighed 35 pounds when she first arrived at Cindi's Hope in Nairobi, Kenya—but she was just 12 years old. Her ribs could easily be counted, and she couldn't button a shirt over her enlarged tummy. Her intake medical exam revealed severe malnutrition and HIV/AIDS.

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History in the Making

Joy filled my heart as I sat with my son Caleb in the "sardine" section for the 12-or-so hours of our plane ride to China last July. That's because we were on an historic mission to bring God's Word to the A-Che people in their own language—something never before done!

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“Stephen, Catch!”

I've dreaded this day, but it has finally come! I've absolutely loved directing Orphan's Tear these past few years, but there's one thing I love even more—being a mom to my son Jonathan. So with mixed emotions I pass the torch into the very capable hands of my older brother, Stephen Servant

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A Totally Different Man!

The men waited anxiously. Many had not slept much the night before. As they were ushered into the chapel of Coffield Prison, a rush of tearful embraces marked the beginning of a very special day—a day they would be united with their children for a day of fun and fellowship...and a day many would have to right some wrongs.

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A Desperate Reboot

Last February many of our friends in Malawi lost their maize (corn) crops and homes when a cyclone caused devastating floods—the worst in the recorded history of this East African nation. Working together with Jeff Trotter, my good friend and coworker who directs the Disaster Relief Fund, Heaven's Family sent emergency supplies to meet their pressing needs.

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Relief Pours In

"Daddy, I'm happy that we will have rice in our dinner today." Those were the words of a little boy who lives in a flood-ravaged village in Myanmar after receiving emergency rice from Heaven's Family. And for people who eat rice as the primary staple of every meal, that's tantamount to him saying he's happy to have air to breathe!

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