A Half-Acre for Nine


A Half-Acre for Nine

Widowed and then abandoned by several partners, Gloria Joseph is a single mother with eight children. She has long known the pain of poverty, hunger and despair. Gloria farms a half-acre plot and does whatever she can to survive in her remote home village in Malawi.

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Homeward Bound

Orphan's Tear began in 2002 when David Servant went to Myanmar and visited a couple orphanages run by pastors attending his seminar. Moved with compassion after seeing the terrible living conditions, and being led to believe that the parents of these children were deceased, he promised to help. As Orphan's Tear grew and became more involved over the years, however, we learned that the the parents of most of the children we were supporting were still alive.

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Celebrate Hand Washing!

Did you miss it? October 15th was "Global Hand Washing Day." You probably celebrated it without realizing it! This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of washing our hands with soap. We often take it for granted, but this simple act helps prevent us from becoming ill and spreading illness to others, and is a very low-cost way to prevent diseases in general.

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Abigail’s Ambition

A teacher couldn't hope for a better student. Excited to learn, eager to participate, willing to follow instructions—all those attributes describe Abigail. The only problem is she's just 3 years old, and therefore not old enough to attend school.

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Refugees: Unmasked

Before the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, Christians in Iraq lived in relative peace and safety. Although they still experienced distrust, tension and disrespect from many of their Muslim neighbors, the government kept acts of aggression in check.

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A Dream Coming True

What a day of celebration! We prayed, feasted, dedicated and marveled at the goodness of God. I had been anticipating this day for many months—the official opening of Philemon House, a first of its kind privately-run residential facility for juvenile offenders after they're released from prison.

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Africa, Here We Come

This week I'll be boarding a plane to visit ministry partners in four East Africa nations: DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Thanks to your generous gifts to the Food Ministry we are together changing lives by providing sustainable forms of food—the kind that lays eggs!—and bulk foods and milk to provide the physical nutrition needed so they have the strength to be ministered to spiritually as well.

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Not Forgetting Nepal

Between the havoc created by earthquakes in Nepal last spring and the terrible flooding over the summer in Myanmar, these past 6 months have kept me very busy. Together, you and I have been able to impact many lives, reminding them that, through it all, God still cares for them. Many hearts have been softened as well, and I'm encouraged to know many have been drawn closer to Jesus as a result of our efforts.

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Fast-Track Future

It turned out to be the most unusual—and the coolest—request I’d ever received for funds from the Education Ministry: a young man named Selvaraj, who grew up in an orphanage in Sri Lanka, just graduated from high school and wanted to go to vocational school to become a mechanic. But Selvaraj’s dream went further—and faster. He wanted to become a race car mechanic!

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