Water for a Worn-Out Widow


Water for a Worn-Out Widow

Pasis warmly welcomed us when we entered her small home in Makono during our visit to Uganda just a few weeks ago. She had recently received a Sawyer water filter from Heaven's Family partners Kenneth and Kevin Wafula, and I came to see how it was helping her family.

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A Home for the Homeless [Carole’s Leprosy Ministry Blog from India]

After arriving in Hyderabad, India, this month, our Heaven's Family team, which included gifted wound care nurse Cindy Ellman, joined forces with a team from Hope for Hansen's and 40+ nurses and doctors from Chamberlain School of Nursing to begin two weeks of ministry to the needs of leprosy patients.

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Loving Homeless Garbage Eaters

During my visit this month to Cindi's Hope Academy in Naivasha, Kenya, I was very blessed to meet some of the children who are benefiting from bulk foods provided by your gifts to the Food Ministry. Let me introduce you to 5-year-old James and his sisters, Jacinta, age 7, and Veronica, 10. Their faces looked happy and contented when we met, but they were not always able to smile so easily.

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Terror in Paris—A Different Response

It happened again. More than a hundred senselessly lost their lives and hundreds more were wounded a little over a week ago from horrific terrorist violence. Paris mourns in the aftermath of the cruelty; so many robbed of loved ones. Beirut, Lebanon was targeted just a day after the Paris attack, leaving more causalities. Then came Mali.

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Bringing a New Spirit into the House

At top left in the above photograph, you'll notice what looks like a shelf skirted in pink cloth. This structure is a 'spirit house,' a common Buddhist-animist feature in many homes throughout this region in Myanmar (Burma). Residents offer small sacrifices such as food, flowers and water to appease the spirit whom they regard as the guardian of their house.

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Widows Warmed for the Winter

In August of 2014, we traveled to Mexico to meet Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick and to see the amazing work God has led them to do. Since then, we've kept in touch with their ministry through emails and social media, but since we became directors of the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry earlier this year, we've been even more watchful of their efforts. Having met firsthand many of the widows and abandoned women they love and encourage, we looked for an opportunity to come alongside them.

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A Different Kind of Trek

My heart wept as Jeff and I drove through the Thamel district of Kathmandu, listening to our guide tell us about the exploitation and trafficking of young girls that happens there everyday. We are here in Nepal to find ways of helping victims on behalf of the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry.

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Selling Bibles to Muslims

Nafees is an evangelist in Punjab, Pakistan. One of the ways he reaches out to Muslims is by selling the Muslim Outreach Bible (a New Testament). Bibles are typically destroyed by zealous Muslims, but this version is 'camouflaged' with a gold-leafed cover and flowery text to resemble Islamic holy books, without compromising the truth.

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Wrapped in Love

Our jeep alternately groaned and whined as it transported me and my Nepali partners up, up, up into the misty Himalayan foothills northeast of Kathmandu, winding through lush forests and an occasional village. Many of the homes and other buildings we passed looked as they did right after the earthquake—the owners still waiting for the government to help tear down the fragile, half-collapsed remains.

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