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63-Year Prayer Answered!

I received an email from one of our Heaven's Family partners in Myanmar that I think will encourage you as it did me. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 5:16)...words that couldn't be more true for this man from the Karen tribe.

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A Light in the Darkness [Ben’s 3rd Blog from the Korean Peninsula]

Today I stood in front of a hero whose acts of courage most will never know. To hear Nari's story is rare outside of her inner circle. It's a circle of trusted people, and I have only been invited after years of building a relationship with her.

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Prisoner of War [Ben’s 2nd Blog from the Korean Peninsula]

Staring at the half-eaten breakfast sandwich on the table before me, I suddenly lost my appetite. It was my second morning on the ground in Seoul, Korea and our team had just received the news that one of our partners, Mr. L, had been captured. A report from the border indicated that someone fitting Mr. L.'s description had been captured by North Korean secret police and could possibly be facing death.

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Forgetting the War Exists [Ben’s 1st Blog from the Korean Peninsula]

Walking the streets of downtown Seoul is always a surreal experience. It seems strange to me that so many South Korean citizens can carry on with their daily business just 30 miles from the North Korean border, where many lose their lives in the pursuit of freedom.

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Slum-Kid Millionaires

Slum-kids in the village of Kambare, Kenya, now have a much brighter future ahead of them. That's because an important dream—one that many parents and others in the community thought impossible—is now coming true!

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Delivering Miss Daisy

Certain days you hear news that totally wipes you out. Sometimes it's good news that gets your day off to a great start. Other times you are glad you opened that email while still in bed so that you can just quietly close your laptop, pull the covers over your head, and try to shut out the pain.

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A Rope in a Pit

I once heard a proverb that went something like this: "A man fell into a deep pit and called out, 'Please, someone bring me food and water!' A passerby heard the man's voice and replied, 'I will bring you food and water.'

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Gushing Girl Faith

Ester is a brave, determined 10-year-old girl who lives in Ngongongari—a village in Tanzania that is as remote as it sounds. Ester's father mercilessly beat her, as well as the other five members of her family, and she was feeling desperate for change.

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