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A Beautiful Land that Sells its Children

The Philippines is a nation made up of more than 7,000 beautiful tropical islands swimming in the emerald seas of the South Pacific. Its people are often judged among the most beautiful in the world. But it’s also a land scarred by crushing poverty, spiritual darkness and, as a result, a low value is placed on human life—especially the lives of innocent children.

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New and Improved!

It has been a full year since your generous donations went towards providing a new dormitory for the girls at a missionary school in Myanmar—a blessing that also allows the director of the missionary school and his family to move into the dorm previously occupied by the students, saving the rent they had to pay each month for their former home.

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“I’ve Been Looking for This!”

Last March while Iranians celebrated Norouz, a Farsi word for the Persian New Year, a team of Iranian evangelists conducted a two-week campaign spreading the gospel and distributing New Testaments paid for by the Strategic Bibles Ministry.

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Compassion in a Tea Cup

Summer here at home for us is winding down; children are returning to school. And as we’ve continued to work with our many micro borrowers around the world these summer months, we’re reminded to thank those of you who’ve given so generously to change the lives of the poor—both economically and spiritually.

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