You Are Invited to an Intimate Weekend of Worship, Fellowship and Teaching!

Join Heaven's Family and wonderful friends of the ministry for an unforgettable weekend of Christian fellowship.

This will not be a fundraiser. We repeat, we will not be asking for money! This weekend is just a chance for some of the finest people in the world to get to know each otherHeaven's Family staff, you and other special friends of Heaven's Family like you.

Over the weekend, you'll hear some encouraging reports from around the world from a few of our Ministry Directors, plus a little bit of Bible teaching from David Servant, the Founder and President of Heaven's Family.

This will truly be an unmatched weekend of intimate and refreshing fellowship—a taste of Heaven!

The event will take place at our venue hotel, which is the Doubletree Pittsburgh Airport (8402 University Blvd, Moon Township, PA 15108).​

Of course, you can stay at any hotel of your choosing, and if you live in the Pittsburgh area and don't want to pay for a hotel, please feel free to come out and join us for the group sessions and mealtimes (but please do RSVP so we know to expect you).


Our 2017 Family Reunion, a rich time of fellowship, worship and teaching


DoubleTree by Hilton

8402 University Boulevard

Moon Township, PA 15108


From 7:00 PM Friday, Aug 11

To 12:00 PM Sunday, Aug 13

Feel free to plan a vacation!

Call 1-855-333-2211 to RSVP!

Our staff are ready to answer any questions and to make sure that you have all of the information you need

Celebrate With Us As We Reflect on How The Lord is Using Heaven's Family!

As a supporter of Heaven's Family, you play a vital role in all that we do to advance Jesus' Kingdom. We couldn't do this work without you! As we celebrate what the Lord is doing through this ministry, we want to celebrate with you and have the privilege of thanking you in person!

During the time together, you will get to hear the directors of our 21 focused ministries give a presentation on some of the ways we've advancing Jesus' Kingdom in 2017. You'll have the opportunity to meet each director and ask any questions you may have for them.

You'll also have the opportunity to meet our President, David Servant, and make strong friendships with like-minded fellow Christians.​

Please feel free to plan vacation days on either side of the Family Reunion to take in the sights of nearby Pittsburgh and the natural beauty of Southwestern Pennsylvania!

Ask our staff about good vacation possibilities in the area when you call to RSVP!

Call 1-855-333-2211 to RSVP!

Our staff are ready to answer any questions and to make sure that you have all of the information you need

"I cordially invite you to join me and Heaven's Family's staff members—along with other wonderful friends of the ministry—for a very special weekend and a small taste of Heaven this August! I really do hope you will join us. I can't wait to meet you!”

David Servant

President and Founder of Heaven's Family

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