Out of the Fire and Into the Rain

young man with backpack fleeing pakistan

Out of the Fire and Into the Rain

Frightened, Raheel clung tightly to his son Solomon as he and his family hurriedly gathered what few possessions they could carry. As they fled, Solomon watched the only house he'd known shrink in the distance; he wondered if he'd ever set foot inside it again. Raheel's heart ached to see such fear in his family's eyes, but he knew something terrible would happen if they stayed.

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church leaders with copy of the disciple making minister

TDMM Tackles Telegu

David Servant's book The Disciple-Making Minister (TDMM) is a 500-page training manual chock-full of foundational Bible doctrine that is sorely lacking in many parts of the world today.

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Determined to Learn!

Daniel Maketh doesn't remember anything about his parents or other relatives. That's because, tragically, his parents were killed in the Sudanese civil war when he was around 5 years old.

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Picture of leaders at reconciliation village

The Grower and the Sower

We never tire of seeing the miracle of reconciliation that God is performing in the Central-African nation of Rwanda! Our team representing the Micro-Loan Ministry recently returned from a 3-week trip there that also included stops in Uganda and Zambia.

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Picture of baby Arpan Paul

A Divine Delivery

During a previous visit to a leprosy colony in Hyderabad, India, I had the pleasure of meeting a sweet-spirited woman who beseeched me to pray with her for the Lord to bless her with a child. Like Hannah in the Bible, this woman was barren and, having been so for many years, longed to be a mother and was in need of renewed faith. Our team fervently prayed with her and eagerly awaited to hear good news the following year.

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Pictures of Cubans who received aid from Heaven's Family after Hurricane Matthew

“You were the only ones who helped us”

"This is all our government gave us," one elderly woman said to me, while pointing to a single corrugated roofing panel measuring about 3-feet wide by 6-feet long. She was referring to the government of Cuba's response to the destruction of her home by Hurricane Matthew last October. I had a hard time believing her story, until, that is, I heard it repeated by so many others I met this week.

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Two brothers among the A-Che people who were reached with the gospel

A Tale of Two Brothers

The Unreached People Groups Ministry recently conducted a training in which several people from the A-Che tribe of rural China came together to study God's Word. The purpose of this training was to share with them Kingdom principles, through stories and parables from the Bible, that were translated into the A-Che native tongue—a recording project the UPG Ministry has been working on for several years.

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Acid Attack Redemption

Excruciating pain violently ended Sumaya's slumber that morning, altering her life forever. It's a day she'll never forget because she's reminded of it each time she looks in a mirror.

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