Transformation on the Road to Paletwa



It’s worth it. Keo grips this deep conviction tightly each time his motorcycle’s tires slip on the rutted, monsoon-soaked roads that snake through the wild hills and mountains of Northern Laos. During the long hours—sometimes days—of his hazardous journeys, his thoughts often drift into prayer. Prayer for his mission ahead, and prayers for his wife and two young children he’s left at home. He knows the pursuit of his passion might have dire consequences for those he loves.

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Picture of Ires, a girl in Mexico who was rescued from trafficking

From the Land of Possible

It’s easy to get discouraged in our world today, but the Lord frequently reminds me that all things are possible with Him! As summer begins to peak above the horizon, I want to encourage you, too, with some hopeful things that many of you are a part of through prayer and financial gifts.

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Following Fuego's volcanic eruption in Guatemala

Volcanic Crisis in Guatemala

As of this writing, 75 are dead and 200 are missing. Unlike the Hawaiian eruption, its Guatemalan cousin's has been explosive, pouring millions of tons of ash into the air and onto surrounding communities, many of which are extremely poor.

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