Summer Celebration

Picture of Pastors in India with The Disciple-Making Minister

A Book, The Word and Hungry Hearts

Many of you, no doubt, are fans of David Servant’s e-teachings. He is a prolific writer and his books, teachings and seminars have ministered to Christian leaders around the world for over two decades. He has visited more than 40 countries, teaching disciple-making skills to thousands of pastors.

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Baptism picture

The Silent Celebration

My church recently held a baptism ceremony for new believers. As soon as those being “dipped” came up out of the water, we all erupted in cheers. It was a powerful moment. A life reborn is worth shouting from the rooftops.

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Picture of the mountains of Guatemala

Whatever It Takes

Like me, I’m sure many of you have heard family and friends voice their complaints of the cost (and sometimes quality) of our healthcare here in the United States. While I agree with much of these complaints—and find myself guilty at times of expressing my dissatisfaction—I make it a personal endeavor to remember the millions of individuals around the globe who face the reality of no healthcare options—not even a local “free” clinic to dole out aspirin and bandaids.

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Picture of Monique with leprosy victim in DR Congo

Minister of Mercy

To learn that leprosy is alive and thriving in DR Congo was not a surprise to me this year. So much sorrow and wickedness seem to flourish there, including civil unrest, corruption, rape and crime, that the prevalence of this dreaded disease appears to be just one more curse.

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Featured image of busy street for Strategic Bibles Ministry story

“Were Those Angels?”

It’s expected that our Bible smugglers face difficulties—including, at times, imprisonment and even torture—transporting their precious payloads into a closed nation. But what many don’t know is that the trip home can be challenging as well.

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Picture of Amani, a refugee from Sudan

The Dreamer

"But you have no money and you know no one! You must return with us back to Sudan!” Amani’s cousin pleaded. Amani, her cousin and younger brother had been sent to Kenya by their father with a small sum of money to escape the war in Southern Sudan. But their funds ran dry after just a few months, forcing them to return.

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