Laying Her Burden Down

Picture of women in Africa carrying heavy items on their heads and backs

Laying Her Burden Down

I’ve just returned from another trip to Africa to visit the women and children you’ve been helping so faithfully through the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry. During trips like this, I usually have difficulty putting my camera down. Unforgettable scenes of hardship and poverty reach through my lens to claw at my heart. I often marvel at how the women can expertly balance burdens—some large and heavy—on their heads and backs, while traversing long distances by foot. The struggle to survive is etched on faces, evidence of inner heartache.

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They Escaped ISIS. Now Their Food Is Running Out.

After fleeing for their lives from ISIS, Jamal and her 3 daughters lost everything and now are in desperate need of help. For $58 you can provide this destitute family with life-sustaining essentials for an entire month.

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Representative picture of coffee shop in South Korea

Operation: Secret Seoul

In a busy cafe in downtown Seoul (South Korea), morning commuters buzz around me as they hurriedly grab their morning coffee and head off to unknown locations. There is a lot of noise, as polite greetings and rushed orders mix into the background.

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Picture of micro-banker and borrower

From Beggar to Borrower

He was speaking of Yousef, a beggar who was once a routine sight at the dusty intersection of his local marketplace. There he and other destitute men and women begged to survive. It’s a typical scene throughout North Africa.

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Picture of baby with keloids after being burned

Scars With a Testimony

The sounds of joyful laughing filled the air as little children played, innocent and carefree. Unbeknownst to anyone present, danger lurked right around the corner. Three-year-old Vivian didn't see it—she was playing with her friends. And the neighbor hadn't seen Vivian running towards it.

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Picture of rain-proof brick classrooms in Kenya

[You Made the] Rain, Rain Go Away…

“No school today!” For the school children of the Western world, snow days are generally a much-anticipated reprieve from studies and, during winter months, it is common to hear children talk excitedly about the days they’ve missed from school. But for students in the under-developed parts of the world, missing school is no joyful occasion. Especially for students in Kenya. Heavy rains there can last for days and take away valuable time for these children who have so little—and for whom education is the ladder to climb out of poverty.

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Picture of baptism in Sri Lanka

Dunkin’ Disciples

The gospel is simple. Repent, believe in the Lord Jesus, and be baptized! I’m reminded of this in the recent updates from a few of the national missionaries you are sponsoring. They don’t need a heated jacuzzi to baptize those who decide to follow Jesus—they just use what they have. No matter what type of water they are immersed in, the same result follows!

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Picture of disaster in Malawi

Relief Comes to Malawi and Mozambique

Will it stop?? That’s what I’ve been thinking in March and early April as 3 separate cyclones (hurricanes) pommeled the southeastern coast of Africa—particularly Mozambique and Malawi, two of the poorest countries on earth.

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