A Heartbreaking Holiday

Picture of Anastasia, a girl at Cindi's Hope in Kenya

A Heartbreaking Holiday

Anastasia wasn’t like many of the girls living at Cindi’s Hope in Kenya. She hadn’t been abused or neglected. Instead, she’d been sent by her mom to receive the excellent education and care that Cindi’s Hope provides for many who are less fortunate.

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Picture of Elizabeth with her daughters in Kenya

Wonder-Working Wangui

I met Elizabeth Wangui last October during a three-month trip to Nakuru, Kenya. Wangui (as everyone calls her) had set up a sewing shop within her community and started a small fellowship, mostly filled with young children. The children were always popping in to talk to her and she began talking with them about Jesus.

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Picture of David

No Food Today…Again

4-year-old David only eats one meal a day…on a good day. You can change that. By giving up just one lunch per month, you can provide one lunch each school day for David or one of his friends for an entire month.

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Picture of Bibles in the jungle

The Call in the Wild

Welcome to Myanmar, where small villages cluster in remote clearings deep within the jungle. Here, wild and untamable foliage presses in on every side, creating quite a beautiful backdrop—a stark contrast to the immense poverty that plagues her people. Having only ever known the jungle for many generations, Myanmar’s people live a rugged way of life that relies heavily on Earth's natural resources, which have nurtured a reverence for the nature that surrounds them.

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Family reunited in Myanmar

Summer Break…Already!

Road trip! As you read this, 34 children from orphanages in Myanmar will be traveling back to their remote home villages to visit their families. During hot season (March through May), schools in this tropical Southeast Asian country shut their doors for their annual summer break. This provides our social workers with a window of opportunity to take the children with whom they are currently working out of the orphanages and into the rural villages they came from to visit their families.

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Picture of Syrian children

Bombarded with Love

Last year the Syrian Army bombarded the district of Al Ghouta to dislodge militants imbedded amongst the people. When chemical warfare was used, killing many innocent people, there was worldwide protest.

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Picture of Oni, a Farming God's Way Trainer

Abundantly Rewarded

If you ever ask yourself questions like, "Where are my hard-earned dollars going?" Or "What kingdom work is being accomplished through Heaven’s Family and Farming God’s Way? What kind of return on my investment will I receive when I meet King Jesus?" …then read on!

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