A Door of Promise

Picture of microloan ministry borrower with family in communist nation

Mushrooming Profits

This week I’m with Thong Sai, a young believer from a communist country in Asia who has a wife and 5 children to support. His future looked bright not long ago, when he worked in the concrete business with the help of his uncle, who had invested a large sum of money to help him. But then his company collapsed! Thong Sai lost everything, and his uncle broke off all contact with him.

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Picture of sunrise in Kenya

Lord, Thank You for Sending Me

In the book, African Safari for Jesus, Herman Bauman tells the story of a young missionary's prayer: “Lord send me anywhere to do whatever I can to share the message of Your love.” God’s reply: “Would you go to Africa?” His response, “Oh Lord, please, anywhere but Africa.”

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