From Failing to Flourishing

picture of oni and edwin in front of the bountiful harvest

From Failing to Flourishing

I recently reported on the massive harvests our Farming God’s Way farmers in Zimbabwe have brought in. After three years of drought, and having to farm in what looked like beach sand in some places, our farmers achieved food security and an increase in wealth this year!

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Picture of Cuban flag

An SOS From Cuba

I recently received a cry for help from a friend and dedicated ministry partner in Cuba. The letter was covertly sent to Heaven’s Family, managing to avoid the communist regime’s recent crackdown on communications. What follows is information you won’t be reading in the news!

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Picture of a believers in Myanmar meeting secretly


Several months ago, Myanmar erupted into madness as a military coup ripped the nation apart. Christians became one of the main targets of blame for the chaos. Persecution took many forms: intimidation, arson at Christian-run facilities, rampant theft, lack of access to food, and economic pressure.

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Picture of Suzan smiling

Restoring a Lost Smile

Suzan would sleep on the cold dirt floor as her mother fulfilled the sexual desires of both men and women. If a customer was present in the daytime, Suzan and her sisters would have to stand watch for any other prospects and keep them entertained until their mother finished with her previous client.

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Picture of trainers and God's Love group members in Rwanda

A Home That Will Endure

Unable to earn money due to the COVID lockdown in Rwanda, a widow named Nyiramageza and her three children could no longer afford the single room they rented and called home. She would soon be without both food and shelter—until our God’s Love Group (GLG) in Kibungo stepped in.

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Picture of Loise with swollen belly

Little Loise is Fed and Fit

Little Loise from Kenya has suffered much hardship in her young life. She was born with HIV/AIDS and became an orphan when both her parents died of the disease. She was taken in by her elderly grandmother, who was poverty-stricken and unable to work much. Because she struggled to feed Loise regularly, this beautiful little girl went hungry. Their situation was desperate, and Loise could easily have died from the combination of HIV and malnutrition.

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Picture of church planters in Nepal

Your Harvest

In 2001, the ruler of the Hindu kingdom of Nepal was assassinated. Hundreds of years of tradition were destroyed in a moment. In the wake of the king’s death, a new level of political freedom came to Nepal, including 100 new political parties and a limited freedom to spread the gospel. Soon, young Christian leadership was springing up everywhere.

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Picture of Julia from the Philippines worshipping God

Shattered, Then Restored

Born into a stable family in the Philippines, Julia had a happy family life until age 13, when her grandfather and cousin started to abuse her sexually. This abuse continued for three years! As a result, Julia’s behavior changed markedly. She went from a carefree child to a hopeless teenager numbing her emotional pain with alcohol. Everything about her choices was a cry for help!

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