Standing Again

Santosh in India standing two prosthetic legs

Standing Again

The light has returned to Santosh’s eyes, and his prospects for a fulfilling life have been restored! Santosh married his sweetheart on April 23. He waited a long time for this opportunity.

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Picture of San in the orphanage and on a bus in Myanmar

Protecting San

San’s ear smelled like a dead fish. At the orphanage where he lived, a bully had shot him in the ear with a BB gun. The plastic bullet became lodged inside his ear canal. As a result, San couldn’t hear very well, but he was afraid to tell anyone.

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Lydia in her shop in Kenya after receiving the microloan

Still in Business

As Kenya goes through yet another wave of COVID-19 shutdowns, many continue to struggle economically. However, the perpetual benefits of your investments in Heaven’s Family's Microloan Ministry continue to multiply!

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Picture of a believer in Pakistan receiving relief goods

Mercy in the Rain

Brother Williams is a bold witness for Jesus. In the face of potential martyrdom, Williams broadcasts the gospel throughout Pakistan via radio, TV, and the internet. The risks are very real—in fact, Williams was forced to decentralize his operations a few years back when his communications offices were firebombed.

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Women from Ghouta worshipping King Jesus

Lifting Holy Hands

Inside Syria, for several years, Heaven’s Family's Refugee Ministry has been providing food parcels for 100 extremely vulnerable families in partnership with a local church. The pastor has shared this report with us.

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Picture of baptism in Nepal

Mountain Mover

A few years ago, Jesus found Sister J. She experienced His miraculous healing in her family, and even more wonderfully she came to know the redemptive power of the cross in her own life of turmoil. Soon the call of God was upon her life and she wanted nothing more than to serve Jesus and reach her Muslim neighbors with the hope of eternal salvation.

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Picture of Formerly trafficked girls praying in the Philippines

Set Free!

There is nothing more beautiful to witness than the heartfelt worship of lives set free. The photo above shows some survivors of human trafficking in the Philippines uniting their hearts in thankfulness to the Lord for all He has done. Revival has been ignited in the hearts of these young women. What better report could we hope for?

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