Fueling Dreams, Sparking Change

Image of Microloan borrower with Tuk-Tuk

Fueling Dreams, Sparking Change

I have exciting news to share with you about Simon, a determined entrepreneur from Kenya whose life has been forever changed, all thanks to your generous support. Your investment in the Microloan Ministry has enabled Simon to upgrade from a humble donkey to a powerful, motorized vehicle known as a tuk-tuk.

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Image of farmer with harvest

You Made a Millionaire… in Francs

I thank God for you! I am bubbling with joy as I share a testimony of another life you have changed. Your choice to help Emmanuel develop hasn’t just changed his own life, though. It is also going to change many others.

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Image of Maria and her child

Maria’s Story: From Darkness to Hope in Guatemala

Greetings from Guatemala! After visiting with our second ministry partner in this country, we were overjoyed to see firsthand the quality of love and care shown to children who have suffered unspeakable pain. Below is Maria's story, as told by our partner:

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Image of secret rooftop baptism in India

From Drug Addict to Missionary

If you followed David and me on our recent trip to India, you'll recall that we spoke of a man named Thomas (name changed for safety) who is working to plant 5,000 churches. This area in North India is less than 0.1% Christian. There is an anti-conversion law and the persecution is severe. But so far you have already helped Thomas plant 320 churches. Wait, make that 321.

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Image of children in Guatemala you provided food and medication for

God Always Provides

Javier was not breathing when he was born, and he was very blue. He remained in the hospital for the first 15 days of his life and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Now eight years old, Javier still has weak lungs. He is also malnourished and needs many different medicines to keep him as healthy as possible. Javier’s family has no ability to pay for his medicine, putting his life at risk.

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Image of rescued victim of slavery in Vietnam

Tricked into Slavery … and Rescued

Hua Lin used to live in a small, cramped apartment in Vietnam, where she worked at a factory job. But one morning, she found the factory padlocked when she showed up for work. One thousand workers were laid off with no advance notice and left to fend for themselves because of COVID-19.

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Image of Ceci with school supplies

Great Education in Guatemala

Thank you for your generosity in supporting and equipping 65 precious children with school supplies. These children were really excited to know that you are creating opportunities for them in Guatemala.

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