25 Minutes = An Eternal Difference

25 Jun

25 Minutes = An Eternal Difference

A standing-room-only Chapel service

25 Minutes = An Eternal Difference

How sponsoring children is bearing fruit beyond the ABCs

Dear Friends,

Some days encouraging news seems in short supply, doesn’t it? Well I’d like to share a brief, very encouraging letter that I received from one of our sponsored schools in Kenya:

Here is a picture of the 25 minute school chapel service held every Friday. Through our weekly service we have seen three Muslim children commit their lives to the Lord. We have many students from all walks of life who now know Jesus. God started this school for a purpose and lives are being touched and changed.

Hallelujah! I hope that helped to fill your encouragement tank today like it did mine. Isn’t it great to know your compassion is making such a difference!

On their behalf,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Education Fund

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