A Baby is Born

Picture of God's Love Group in DR Congo
Our new God’s Love Group in DR Congo

A Baby is Born

Jerry’s final trip blog from DR Congo

Dear Family,

Thanks for following along with me on my recent trip to start Farming God’s Way in DR Congo (click here if you’ve missed my first or second blog).

When we train Farming God’s Way in a new area, we commit to be there until they’re 5 years old. One way to ensure the training is being implemented is to visit the farmers at their farms. They are honored to have an international team come to visit. Many farmers have never had an American come to their home. Some kids have never seen one. One brother, a Ugandan pastor and FGW trainer, said his own bishop wouldn’t visit his community because it’s “too dirty.” He was blown away that we would stay at his home.

But this is exactly what Jesus would do. Remember the story in Luke 19:5 where Jesus says, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today.” These field visits dignify the farmer, let them know we believe in them, and provide more in-depth training opportunities. Visiting their homes also helps us build relationships and provide accountability.

The last day of my trip we went deep into the bush to visit a group of farmers. If you’d like to join me for a short video of the ride, you can experience it here.

Once the “road” became too narrow to navigate in our truck, we got out and walked about 20 minutes. When we arrived at the village, the farmers were very happy to see us. After greeting everyone we walked 20 more minutes to get to their fields.

Along the way I noticed how green the landscape was in this area—and this is during dry season. Many of the nations we work in have difficulty getting God’s blanket (mulch), but I saw blanket material everywhere. Unfortunately, destructive slash-and-burn techniques could be seen everywhere, including the farms we came to see.

After getting a brief overview of their land, our team began to help them layout their field using the teren ropes they were given at the training (these knotted ropes help mark the precise planting locations). As they began to dig their planting stations, we shared about how they can work together in God’s Love Groups to get everyone’s field-prep done faster. A young man named Mwamba really stepped up and proved to be the leader of the group. He did much of the layout work, and was fired up about the potential for FGW to increase his yields.

Farming God's Way training in DR Congo
Mwamba was excited to learn his line was nice and straight for his field layout

To conclude our field visit, we prayed over the land and went back to their village. These precious brothers and sisters in Christ presented us with cassava as a gift. This was my first time trying it, but I was so grateful that they were willing to share their meager food supplies with us.

Praying over field in DR Congo
After helping with field layout, we prayed through 2 Chronicles 7:14

I am also grateful for you, our generous family of kingdom investors. Without your willingness to share what the Father has given you, it would be impossible for us to train and visit farmers like Mwamba and his brand new GLG.

Thank you for helping our brothers and sisters in the DR Congo destroy the yokes of hunger and poverty and advance the Kingdom of God! A new “baby” has been born, so I invite your prayers for their success—both at farming and discipleship in their new God’s Love Group.

Grace and peace,

Jerry Jefferson
Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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