A Baby’s Life is Spared

Mr. and Mrs. Majid in early February, just when they began to suspect that their baby needed help

Dear Friends,

Mr. and Mrs. Majid are two new believers in Pakistan who came to the Lord through the ministry of Aziz, a Heaven’s Family partner. As soon as they decided to become followers of Jesus, their faith was tested. Their extended family threatened their lives, and they had to flee from their small village. They left everything behind to start life over again in a large city where they could blend in without arousing suspicions. They only had each other—and their precious baby girl named Imaan.

Aziz’s church has reached out to the Majids, providing temporary housing and groceries. But not long ago, we received an urgent request for Imaan. She had contracted double pneumonia, an illness that has killed many young Pakistani children in recent years. You can surely relate to our deep desire to help save Imaan’s life. We immediately sent money to help her get the medical attention she needed, and we set ourselves to earnest prayer.

The answer from our faithful Lord, and then our friend Aziz, came within days. Here is his encouraging report, which I hope will warm your heart as it did mine.

Greetings. On this previous Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Majid brought their daughter Imaan to the Church after being healed from a severe illness. There was a thanksgiving prayer for their daughter in the Church. Baby Imaan is all well now. Her weight and height are also well. Tomorrow on 26th February, she will be five months old. At this moment we gifted Mr. and Mrs. Majid and their daughter some new cloths and some other needy things. We all were very happy and we are thankful to you for your help due to which we were able to save Imaan’s life. Thanks again for your help and concern and especially for your prayers.

Thankful parents with healed Imaan

Together with Him,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Persecuted Christians Fund

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