A Bible Bonanza for the Naga

01 Mar

A Bible Bonanza for the Naga

A Bible Bonanza for the Naga

The Compassion Club provides a feast for hungry believers in Myanmar

Dear Friends,

“I prayed nine years for a Bible.”

Those are the words spoken by a grateful beneficiary of one of your recent Compassion Club investments.

Can you imagine walking five days to reach your nearest Christian bookstore in order to purchase a Bible, and then, upon your arrival, learning they were out of Bibles? That is what happened to some Naga-tribe believers in Myanmar. Naga Christians in Myanmar have been praying for years that God will provide Bibles for them, because only 3% of Naga churches had any—until now.

That’s why I’m happy to inform you that your Compassion Club investment helped to provide 5,376 Bibles to Naga believers in Sagaing State this month.

The picture above shows two Naga believers holding their newly-received Bibles. Those who came to the distribution were given enough Bibles to distribute one to each family in their churches, and some went to Bible teachers and their students.

Betsou Kondou, the director of evangelism and missions for the Naga Baptist Association, sent us the following testimony: “God always answered my prayers but the greatest answer to prayer is receiving the BIBLE today. I prayed nine years for a Bible. Now God has put a Bible in my hand. WOW, WHAT A WONDERFUL BLESSING IN MY LIFE. And I could say a million times, ‘thank you,’ because our greatest need was to have the Bible.”

On behalf of Naga believers, thank you so much for placing the life-giving, transforming Word of God into their hands!

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family

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