A Bountiful Harvest During Famine

28 Apr

A Bountiful Harvest During Famine

An unknown woman gleans food from a field just beyond the fortified border with China

Dear Friends,

Let me give you the Bad News first: North Korea continues to drown in darkness and desperation. In the last few months, our underground contacts have reported continued deaths from food shortages and improper medical care. To make matters worse, the corrupt government has increased the price of basic food sources—including the dietary staple rice—making eating an unaffordable “luxury” for most ordinary working-class citizens.

Now the Good News: In the midst of this darkness, the light of Christ is shining brightly in the secret North Korean church. Heaven’s Family supports undercover food aid and medical supply distributions to a network of over 180 North Korean Christian families. Our partners are desperate to help, risking their lives to bypass government channels so that aid makes its way into the hands of believers needing it most.

This month we received some incredible news from one of our most faithful partners, Mrs. Kim. She told us that at least 20 new families have been added to the distribution network! This increase happens as Christians—at great personal risk and sacrifice—share portions of their aid to neighbors, opening the door to present the gospel message. This tangible act of love is one of the most effective ways to share Christ in North Korea.

Mrs. Kim sends her heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the growing Christian families she is serving. Through your support, hundreds are being offered hope and a new life in Christ—and much-needed food to help them survive another day of government-induced famine. Thank you for making this incredible spiritual harvest inside North Korea a reality.

With gratitude,

Ben Croft
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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