A Budding Evangelist

Sagar, a budding evangelist.

I’d like to share with you a wonderful story about a little evangelist named Sagar, who lives at Blessing House orphanage in India. I’ll let the proud director of Blessing House tell you Sagar’s story in his own words:

Sagar is one of our calmest but hard working boy. He loves the Lord Jesus and pray to Him everyday. Vinod is his close friend in the school. His father was an alcoholic and often beat him and his mother when he comes from the work.

His father never showed any love to Vinod but shouted to him all the time. Every day Vinod used share his problems with Sagar our boy. Sagar used to comfort him and share about the love of Jesus with him.

He took one cartoon story book of Jesus and presented it to Vinod and asked him to read and pray to Jesus every day. So that his father will be changed and will love him. Sagar also taught him how to pray to Jesus. Now Vinod started pray to Jesus. He also started to love his father from his heart and decided to show him his true love. Sagar keeps on encouraging him. Sagar also informed about Vinod to all other boys as well the staff last week and requested us to pray for Vinod.

We were so happy to see Sagar’s attitude and passion to help his friend and encourage him.

It’s so encouraging to see orphans, who have little to call their own in this world, sharing Jesus with their friends. And because the fatherless are so close to the heart of our Heavenly Father, I bet we’ll be hearing some incredible answers to Sagar’s prayers in the near future! (Let’s all join in praying for him as he continues to show Jesus’ love to Vinod and others, and for Vinod’s father to repent and give his heart to Jesus too!)

Seeking to improve the lives of orphans,

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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