Two A-Che believers in their cultural dress on the day of their baptism

Dear Friends,

You may recall my story about Sister Yang in Heaven’s Family’s magazine last July. A member of the unreached A-Che people of southern China, Sister Yang put her trust in Jesus and was delivered from many demons.

I’m delighted to tell you that Sister Yang continues to lay her life down for the sake of Christ, and is emerging as the natural local leader of the new A-Che house churches. As a result of her witness and that of some others on our team, 16 A-Che have become believers and 12 of them have been baptized!

The Unreached People Groups Fund is continuing to send teams to preach the gospel, distribute Bibles and Christian materials, and train new disciples and emerging leaders to raise up the A-Che church.

But there’s another cost—persecution. Please join us on the front lines as we pray that the entire A-Che tribe would hear the gospel and become believers in Jesus Christ. One day in heaven you might see some of them standing with you around His throne, thanking you for helping them get there.

I hope you will partner with me by giving to the Unreached People Groups Fund and praying for great breakthroughs.

Because of Him,

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Fund

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