A Day with Children

16 Jan

New in 2018: Heaven’s Family’s Mini-Updates are now only lightly edited so that the individual writing styles of our Ministry Directors are not altered. Please enjoy this authentic update!

Watch this message of thanks from India! (Click on the PLAY arrow)

A Day with Children

Carole’s 1st travel report from India

Dear Friends,

Having just returned from visiting Hyderabad, India, I thought you might like to take a peek at the encouraging work you are doing to build hope for the future among the residents of Moula Ali leprosy colony. Come with me by way of the video above as I visit with many of the children who, because of sponsors like you, are able to attend school.

Every year the younger students get to take a day off from their studies to be with our Heaven’s Family Leprosy Ministry team (many of the older ones, who are attending college—including Bible college—nursing schools, and vocational training of various sorts could not be there that day, unfortunately). The children attending, however, had a wonderful time presenting a special program for us: singing Christmas songs, dancing and praying in the Spirit. Afterwards they ate and had their pictures taken, which makes them feel like celebrities. They know their pictures will go to those who love them on the other side of the world and that makes them feel very special.

My husband filmed this video on the first morning after our arrival, and it provides good evidence of how jet lag can affect one’s coherence (hence my “bumbling” as I try to convey the nature of the occasion…please forgive me!). All that aside, please understand that at the end of the video the students are saying “vandanalu,” which means a combination of “thanks” and “praise the Lord.” It’s meant just for their generous sponsors!

Thank you so very much, once again, for those of you who have so faithfully sponsored these students—the promise and hope for the future of leprosy-affected families in India.

With a grateful heart,

Carole Collins

Director, Leprosy Ministry

Parting Shot…

Chow time for the children


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  • jerry e richard

    Thanks for all you do for the children and our lord, God bless you all!—Jerry and margo Richard

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