A Divine Appointment

18 Mar

Picture of boy in Guatemala who struggles with epilepsyGuillermo is living more peacefully thanks to the epilepsy medication you’ve helped provide for him

A Divine Appointment

A sudden seizure brings together a child and the help he needed

Dear Family,

Guillermo, age 8, lives in the small town of Jalapa, Guatemala. His mother was in the town’s park one day when she noticed that Guillermo was having a seizure. “Help!!” she yelled.

By divine appointment, a Heaven’s Family partner was in the park at that time and came to Guillermo’s aid. After the seizure ended, he learned that Guillermo had epilepsy but that his family was too poor to pay the $60 per month needed for his medication.

That’s where you came in. Thanks to your support through the Disabilities Ministry of Heaven’s Family, Guillermo is now receiving the medication he desperately needs, plus his family is receiving additional food to supplement their own resources. Thank you so much!

Director of the Disabilities Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disabilities Ministry

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