A Double Blessing

Martha and her children—bright inside and out because of Heaven’s Family!

A Double Blessing

Supporting a widow so she can be a blessing to others

Dear Friends,

Have you seen the movie The Good Lie? It’s a sad glimpse into what some Sudanese people have gone through due to warring in their country. Some women have lost their husbands and all of their children. Others go through devastating traumas that can either take them down a path of despair or one of courage.

Martha Nyajuol is one South Sudanese widow who has been given a second chance. She lost her husband when her village was attacked by soldiers, so Martha and her 3 small children fled to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. During the journey, however, she was raped by a soldier and became pregnant with her fourth child. A friend later rescued them from the camp, along with 14 others (mostly orphans), and made their way across the border into Kenya.

Since then, Martha has learned to speak English and to sew, and now she’s using her new skills to become self-sufficient by making school uniforms. This is a great two-fold blessing: it provides Martha with an income, and she in turn supplies school uniforms for Heaven’s Family-partner Cindi Murphy of Cindi’s Hope.

These beautiful Cindi’s Hope girls proudly wear their uniforms to school each day

Recently, the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry supplied Martha with materials to make about 150 uniforms, and we’re praying that God will help her to consistently provide for her family. We’re also praying that she will be able to handle her new task: to sew 200+ additional uniforms that are needed now, and 350 more by the middle of 2016 to clothe the new children that Cindi’s Hope expects to arrive in the coming months.

We appreciate all of the donations and prayers for the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry in 2015, and we especially thank you for honoring our Father by helping to care for the “least of these” like Martha all around the world!


Bruce and Patty Harris
Directors, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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