A Drug Dealer Repents

Lydia surrendering her drugs and her heart to Jesus Christ

Dear Friends,

Recently, 68-year old Lydia Chepkemoi was delivered from 20 years of life as a drug user and dealer in Kenya by the power of the gospel. During a meeting led by Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Cleophas Makona, Lydia came forward and repented of her sin and gave her heart to the Lord. As the first fruit of her transformation, she immediately removed the drugs in her possession and watched them be destroyed. A local pastor promised to disciple Lydia, helping her remain free of the powerful grip of old habits and addictions.

These are the tents where Lydia lives. She is a member of a nomadic tribe that has been displaced because of tribal clashes.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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