A Grateful Graduate

Rebecca and her son Gideon

A Grateful Graduate

Witnessing the fruit of our efforts in DR Congo

Dear Friends,

Having just returned from Goma, DR Congo, with my husband Bob, where we witnessed the graduation of many women from the Women of Wellness Center (WoW), their faces and stories still flood my mind. Ladies with horrific tales of sexual abuse who had been treated as castaways, believing themselves to be worthless and lacking the strength, self-esteem, and hope to care for themselves and their children, who are often the unwelcome fruit of the violations they’ve received.

But to the glory of God, miraculous transformations are occurring here at this sanctuary for victimized women, as they are fed, cared for, and shown the pure love of Jesus—a love few have ever known. The most vital recovery these ladies receive during their stay at the shelter is the revelation that they are valuable daughters of the King and that their children are precious in His eyes—no matter how they were conceived. As the women receive counseling for their trauma they are also trained to become economically self-sustaining women of God.

Rebecca and her son Gideon are one such example of God’s restoration power. Victimized by a fellow student at a local junior college she had been attending, becoming pregnant and losing her scholarship as a result. Rebecca struggled to survive on the streets with her newborn baby for two years, wondering if she’d ever be able to crawl out of life’s gutter. Upon hearing about WoW she immediately applied herself and accepted Jesus Christ into her heart. Bob and I are happy to report that Rebecca is now one of 23 young women to graduate with a renewed purpose and hope of a bright future!

Rebecca (top row, far left), pictured with the 2016 graduating sewing class

I pray that each one of you who have contributed to the center will be blessed beyond measure for the hopeful futures and radiant smiles that you have helped bring to the lives of these women! I wish each of you could have been there to rejoice with them; there is nothing quite as festive as a grand Swahili graduation party, especially with Jesus as the master Host!

Thank you for all you do!

Together with Him,

Carole Collins
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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