A Happy Reunion

A mother who traded her sorrows for joy.

If you followed my blog posts while I was in Myanmar last year, you’ll remember the lady above from Sai Kua Village. She had sent her children far away to live in an orphanage so that they could receive a free education—the best thing for them, she thought.

When I met with her, however, she shared these emotional words: “Knowing that my children are alive and missing them is worse than missing someone who is dead”. Almost as soon as they had left she regretted her decision, and she couldn’t eat for a week because of her grief. Only through prayer and the encouragement of others was she finally able to eat again.

I’m happy to report that her sorrow has ended and she is now rejoicing! Because of a micro-loan she and her husband received from Orphan’s Tear that they’re using to grow crops they can sell to earn money, she can now afford to keep her children at home and send them to a local school.

I can’t help the tears that come to my eyes as I look at this photo of this mom grinning ear to ear at her children

This is one of 6 other families in Sai Kua Village that received their children back, thanks to a loan from Orphan’s Tear

For the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

Living Hope Orphanage’s director sent me a photo of a few of the children enjoying their “see-saw”

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