A Home That Will Endure

Picture of trainers and God's Love group members in Rwanda
Our trainers Peter (blue coat), Theoneste (green shirt), and God’s Love Group members standing in front of the house they built for Nyiramageza (white dress, holding baby)

A Home That Will Endure

Our farmers build houses too—and a family is grateful

Dear Family,

Unable to earn money due to the COVID lockdown in Rwanda, a widow named Nyiramageza and her three children could no longer afford the single room they rented and called home. She would soon be without both food and shelter—until our God’s Love Group (GLG) in Kibungo stepped in.

The GLG decided to build a house for Nyiramageza by making mud bricks. Africa Transformation Network, one of our partners, donated doors, windows, and iron sheets for the roof. Now this widow and her children have a house of four rooms, including a living room!

Nyiramageza said having a house provides a stability her family has never known. For 10 years they had to move frequently, but now she has a home to call her own and pass on as an inheritance to her children.

The leader of the God’s Love Group said, “In the GLG we love each other, we help each other, and this woman is one of us. We have seen how joint efforts can make impossible work possible.”

These GLGs are birthed out of Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way Ministry training that you help bring to the nations we work in. Without your support that empowers trainers such as Peter and Theoneste to train, equip, and organize their fellow countrymen, I could not report to you such incredible displays of God’s transformational power working in people’s hearts. God’s glory is revealed in Rwanda and around the world thanks to your generosity and prayers.

Thank you!

Jerry Jefferson
Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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