A Hostile Reception

An unexpected encounter

A Hostile Reception

Why would these men reject hope?

Dear Friends,

Nathan narrowly dodged another rock as it whizzed past his head, still perplexed by his hostile reception. It was no time to think, however, but run—his adversaries were picking up more rocks.

This was certainly an unexpected turn of events! For years, Nathan and his fellow outreach team members have been on a mission of mercy and hope to North Korean workers who are sent to secret worksites in neighboring countries. The worksites are secret because men are exploited for their labor, given horrible living conditions, and then taxed heavily by the greedy North Korean government on what little wages they do make.

These photos were secretly taken at two of the worksites

The outreach team discovered the whereabouts of 10 of these off-grid sites, then made plans to visit each location. They have worked in secret and have risked much. Years ago, two team members were murdered after their ministry and message of Christ’s love were discovered by North Korea authorities. Undeterred, the team continues to offer men at the work sites a small pack that contains warm food, medicine, gloves and Scripture. Most importantly, they quietly share about hope found in Jesus to men who have never before heard.

Many workers had been very receptive to their outreach leading up to that infamous day, but as Nathan ran from the flying projectiles, he knew something had gone seriously wrong. He later learned that the North Korean authorities had been tipped off about their outreach that day. The workers then received threats of severe punishment if they allowed the outreach team onto the worksite. Having little choice, the men had forcibly turned away the very aid they so desperately needed.

Despite this setback, Nathan and his team reach other worksites every month and joyfully report that, despite persecution, their ministry continues to open doors for relationships with new workers. Your support for the North Korean Christians Fund makes these missions possible.

Thank you for standing firm beside them,

Ben Croft
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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