A Kenyan Cinderella – Education for Orphans

30 Apr

A Kenyan Cinderella – Education for Orphans

Naomi, who is now receiving an education, cooking for the orphanage
Naomi Nkinyi preparing dinner for the orphans at Lynsi Love Orphanage

I’ve got a great story to tell you about how your gifts to the Education Fund are making it possible for one of many grateful orphans to receive an education and life skills that will help her to become self-sufficient.

Many African orphans cannot attend school, as paying school fees becomes impossible. They consequently lack the neccesary education needed to get jobs or start their own businesses. To give older orphans a chance, our good friend, pastor Peter Kingoro, has opened an entrepreneurship program just for them. They are trained in business skills or tailoring, depending on their preference.

The letter below was a scholarship request that we received from a young Christian woman in Nairobi, Kenya, who, because of your compassion, is now benefiting from the training and education she is receiving in Peter’s entrepreneurship program:

Dear Heaven’s Family,

I am Naomi Nkinyi born 21 years dropped out of school at primary school level. My parents died in the tribal clashes in the famous Mt. Elgon. I was only 11 year. I was taken in by my auntie who made me a slave as I could only wake up at 4:00am to cook for everybody before going to school. This abuse affected me mentally and performed poorly in class. I found no love from my auntie and her husband.

After my primary school, they made me house maid and did not even gave me anything to meet my needs. This prompted to seek for love in a wrong way. I was involved in fornication got pregnancy and was thrown out of that home. I married the young guy who also did not have parents. I am currently cook for orphans at the orphanage, but need sponsorship to pursue entrepreneurship course. This will help start catering to do hotel business and have a bright future for myself and my family.

Naomi Nkinyi

The entrepreneurship course Naomi refers to in her letter is a six-month course that only costs $90. After receiving six similar letters from older Christian orphans, we granted them all scholarships to pay for their entrepreneurial training. We hope to report on these orphans’ success stories once they graduate and start their own businesses. Your compassion is truly a dream come true for Naomi and the other five students!

You’re Helping to Provide an Education for Orphans and Young Adults Around the World

100% of all contributions to the Education Fund are used to provide schooling and education for poor children and young adults around the world.

Thanks so much.

Director, Education Fund

Students who have received an education
Rebecca, Joseph and Hellen are all students who have received HF scholarships for the entrepreneurship course

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