A Love That Couldn’t Be Stopped

03 Feb

A Love That Couldn’t Be Stopped

Newly weds
Van Kung and Dawt Par, wearing traditional Chin tribe clothes, are now happily married.

One of the questions most asked from sponsors is: What happens to the orphan I sponsor when they turn 18?

Well, in the case of Van Kung and Dawt Par, they decided to get married!

Van Kung and Dawt Par, both 19 years old, grew up together at Love in Action Children’s Home in Kalaymyo, Myanmar. The director had cautioned them to wait at least another year before making such a big commitment at their young age, but they went ahead and decided to elope. Love wasn’t going to wait!

They came back to visit their friends at Love in Action after they tied the knot, and a small service of dedication was held for them. I thought you might enjoy seeing photos from the ceremony.

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Pastor praying for the couple
A pastor praying a blessing over them

Couple sitting with orphanage workers
The happy couple with the director and a few of the workers at Love in Action Children’s Home


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  • Bekah Hope

    This is PRECIOUS! 🙂 How sweet!

  • ngun par

    they ended up getting married? that’s so sweet

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