A Loving Touch for the Untouchable

22 Nov

A Loving Touch for the Untouchable

Picture of leprosy-affected victim in Kenya
Anjelina was once rejected and alone, but thanks to you, she knows God hasn’t forgotten her

A Loving Touch for the Untouchable

Cast out by her family, Anjelina discovers a new one

Dear Family,

Anjelina was born in Tanzania. When she discovered she had leprosy, her family instantly rejected her. She traveled all the way to Kenya to get treatment and moved into a leprosy colony there. Because no one would give her a job, she had no option but to beg at the nearest town, which was a 15-mile walk. When the coronavirus pandemic struck and lockdowns were enforced, Anjelina had no one to beg from.

That is where you enter the story. Because of your generosity in partnership with Heaven’s Family’s Leprosy Ministry, Anjelina was blessed with food and medical care this past year!

Anjelina was once “untouchable,” but now she is so thankful that God saw her in her time of need and not only supplied her physical needs but provided her with friends as well, who have become like her new family.

Thank you so much for helping victims of leprosy like Anjelina,

Picture of Director of the Leprosy Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Leprosy Ministry

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