A Low-Ranking Christian Monk Reaps a Harvest

21 Nov

A Low-Ranking Christian Monk Reaps a Harvest

U Htun (center) with members of his family

Dear Friends,

U Htun Yin invited 18 of his Buddhist neighbors and family members to his house to hear the gospel. This unlikely event occurred because of a faithful Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary in Myanmar named Thein Myo Aung, and some faithful partners half a world away in Colorado.

Let me take you back to the beginning of this story two months earlier. That’s when Thein Myo first met U Htun and tried to share the gospel with him. U Htun, a very devoted Buddhist Kapiyah (a person who attends to a higher-ranking monk), quickly brushed him off. Out of politeness he did, however, accept a gospel tract Thein Myo handed to him as he left.

A month later, U Htun boarded a small water taxi to make the slow, two-hour crossing of a large lake. To his surprise and irritation, there sat Thein Myo in the same boat. U Htun bluntly reminded the missionary that he had no interest in his message, but wondered why Thein Myo left Buddhism to become a follower of the “Westerner’s God.” As they rode for the next hour, Thein Myo shared from his heart about how Jesus had transformed his life.

Before parting ways to go home, U Htun said, “Although I do not want to believe your testimony, I will think over it.”

A stilt village on Inle, the second-largest lake in Myanmar, where predominantly Buddhist ethnic people live and grow crops on farms that float on acres of mats

A few weeks later Thein Myo received a phone call from U Htun. “Can you pray for me? I was in a motorcycle accident and I am in a hospital.” Thankful for the open door God provided, Thein Myo quickly joined U Htun at his bedside.

A few days after that Thein Myo received another phone call from U Htun. Astonishingly, U Htun this time told him he wanted to host a week-long event in his own home and invite all his neighbors to hear the gospel! He promised to cover all the costs. Because he viewed Thein Myo as a “low-ranking Christian monk,” however, U Htun asked for someone else to conduct the meetings.

Ecstatic about the opportunity, Thein Myo invited two of his Bible school professors to speak at the event. By the end of the week, U Htun and his entire family of 7 repented and put their faith in Christ, along with 2 of his neighbors.

U Htun Yin (left) intently taking notes during the gospel crusade

Thanks to God’s orchestration of the events and a faithful missionary, a hard-core Buddhist man and his family have found everlasting life in Christ Jesus…and many seeds were planted. Thein Myo is also thankful for his monthly supporters in Colorado that enable him to travel and preach the gospel to the perishing throughout his region.

If you’d like to help take the gospel to villages around the world, you can prayerfully peruse the national missionaries that still need monthly partners by clicking below.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

Thein Myo Aung faithfully scattering the seed of the gospel on more fertile hearts around Inle Lake

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