A Match Made at Heaven’s Family

31 Oct

A Match Made at Heaven’s Family

All blessed because of the compassion of Heaven’s Family’s friends: at left, prisoners in Kenya; at right, recovering addicts in Mexico

Dear Friends,

It’s official! The Prison Ministry Fund has joined together with the Drug Rehab Fund to create the Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund. It’s a match made in heaven, meant to better serve our brothers and sisters struggling to restart their lives in prison, or deliver them from the bondage of addiction.

By combining these two funds we can reduce administrative costs and maximize the effectiveness of your contributions. Our contacts, who have been ministering directly on our behalf with disbursements from these two funds, have very similar goals and challenges. And many drug addicts end up in prison, while many inmates are in prison because of drug-related crimes.

For the sake of God’s kingdom Heaven’s Family wants to generate the most fruit from your contributions. By joining these two funds, we will be able to do just that!

Please know that 100% of your contributions will continue to be used to release drug addicts from captivity, and to win souls and make disciples in prisons around the world.

Thank you so much for your heart of compassion and willingness to serve our Lord to advance His kingdom.

May God richly bless you!

Bob Collins
Director, Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund

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