A Miracle in Rwanda

17 Jun

Dear Friends,

I couldn’t resist sending you the testimony of the four-year-old girl in the photo above. She lives in Rwanda, East Africa, and her name is Ornella. The testimony that follows is from Justin Nkundabagenzi, with whom we partner for manufacturing biosand water filters for the poor. Justin is also a church planter. A couple of weeks ago, he wrote to Heaven’s Family International director, Chuck King, who has worked in Africa with

Justin. Here is his first report:

Dear Chuck,

Love and greetings. I am happy to let you know that our church house is doing quite well, I must tell you that God has moved in our midst like never before. A case in point is where recently, a certain lady who is a member of our church lost her child meaning that the child diied, and was brought to us for prayer. I was not present and my wife took the dead child into her arms and prayed so intensively for more than an hour and then began thanking the Lord for the healing just in faith, then suddnely the child resurrected. Then followed wild excitement from the mother and other fellow believers as tears were in plenty while the testimony became the source of overwhelming joy for many who learn’t about it.

Let us keep praying for each other for the strengthening of God’s Kingdom.

Yours in

Brother Justin Nkundabagenzi

Chuck wrote back asking for more details and a photo. Here was Justin’s reply to Chuck’s inquiry:

Bro. Chuck!

Warm greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Now as for the details on how the child was resurrected, actually as I told you before, I was not around. I was on a trip to Burundi, and a neighbor of mine who happens to be a member of our church came to my house in tears seeking at least to share her grief and possibly be assisted in the funeral or whatever.

As this lady describes it, she said she woke up around 3 a.m when she heard her daughter Ornella 4 years of age breathing very difficultly. She was worried and she stood up and took the child in her arms. As soon as she took her in her arms, the child ceased every movement, she lost grip, the head was falling in all directions on her loose neck, the eyes were staring without any expression just like a doll’s.

The mother came accompanied by another church member, both in tears. The child was apparently dead since the body was so cold, no breathing, no any sign of life. They knocked on our door, and after some moments my wife went to open for them.

She immediately took the body from them, as they were crying and screaming, she laid it down on the ground and started to pray. She says she was so caught in prayer that she lost the notion of time and prayed for more than one an hour.
She then felt like she has to urge everybody to start thanking the Lord. As they started doing so the child came back to life immediately opening very wide her eyes in a such a frightening way; says my wife.

And the body that was extremely cold before became very hot; hotter than the normal body temperature; it was amazing.

The child started crying and her mum was the more in tears but this time the tears were of joy and gratitude to the Lord. My wife asked her to take the child to see a doctor for further investigations on the health state of the child. That very morning she took the child to the clinic. They have done every kind of test but couldn’t find anything! The doctor declared to the lady and said “Madame, your child is in perfect health you shouldn’t worry!”

And that was the story. The child is now very well without any complaint. The mother is so thankful. Last time she gave her testimony in the house church. She was again in tears as she was relating the facts.

That is the miracle we have lived here. It just reminds us Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for ever.

Remain blessed!


Now you can understand why I couldn’t resist sending this to you. Please feel free to pass this on to encourage others.

Every blessing,

David Servant
Heaven’s Family Director

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