A New Mattress for Jesus

28 Aug

A New Mattress for Jesus

Some of the IDPs who received mattresses for their families

Dear Friends,

The city of Goma, DR Congo, is experiencing a massive influx of people fleeing their violence-torn villages for safety. They come with only the clothes on their backs and with almost nothing to rebuild their lives. The conditions they live in are more than horrible, and the places where they sleep are shocking. Even though they now have nothing, returning to their villages would mean becoming victims of horrible atrocities—followed by almost certain death.

Through a dear pastor who is serving and leading many of the IDPs (internally displaced peoples…refugees in their own country) to Christ, Heaven’s Family is working to help these who are truly the “least of these.”

Because of your compassion, 40 families received much-needed mattresses for the tiny dwellings they currently call home. All of these people are members of our spiritual family and represent Jesus incarnate. It brings me great joy to think that by giving our brothers and sisters a mattress to sleep on, we are giving Jesus a mattress too!

I appreciate you so much for making this effort possible through your compassion for these suffering people.

At left, what these brothers and sisters slept on before they received new mattresses; at center, carrying the new mattresses to their makeshift homes; at right, a happy woman showing her appreciation with a thumb’s up gesture


Becky Servant
Director, Christian Refugees Fund

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