A Proud Dad Moment, Sort of…

Griffin (white shirt) and his Generals share their testimonies from FGW.

A Proud Dad Moment, Sort of

Jerry’s Fifth Trip Blog from Kenya

So, what blessed me the most on this trip? The final leg of our journey took us to Saboti to visit Griffin, our lead Farming God’s Way trainer in Kenya. When we arrived at his training center, there were about 40 people there. He had scheduled a field day for people to come, look, and learn. By the time the program started, there were over 70 attendees from as far as two hours away.

Jai was highly impressed as Griffin walked our team around his model farm. He had ten different crops growing, and his God’s blanket was thick, at least 2-3 inches everywhere. The crops were vibrant, all of this without an irrigation system. His model farm was the perfect classroom to give the visiting farmers a vision of what their fields could be.

But what blessed me the most was that as Griffin led us around, his generals led other groups and answered their questions. This was a team at work, and it was beautiful to see. I was watching 2 Timothy 2:2 play out in front of my eyes. For our Kenyan team to go from 250 families FGW to 500 next year and reach 5,000 families in 5 years, we will need a well-organized team of committed farmers and disciple-makers. Griffin is building that team, and it was wonderful to see.

After touring his field, we went inside to hear testimonies of the farmers practicing FGW. One of the generals, Meshack, shared his testimony. His father said, “People have come from seventy kilometers away to learn from Griffin. I live here. Meshack is my son. I will start Farming God’s Way.” His father was overjoyed that his son had a passport and traveled to Zimbabwe to join us for the FGW Summit. He bragged, “My son never asks me for money. He built his home and bought his land with his FGW profits.” He was a proud Dad.

I met Griffin in 2016. He was a FGW trainer with no land to farm. Over the last eight years, you have helped him move toward his God-given vision to transform his nation through FGW. You helped him acquire land to practice. You helped him build a training center to teach his fellow countrymen like Meshack. And now, we get to see it all come together. As we gathered in the training hall and I watched Griffin lead, I teared up. Like Meshack’s father, I felt that same proud Dad moment, and you should, too. Obviously, Griffin is not my son, as we are nearly the same age, but I was godly proud of my brother. His hard work and faithfulness to the Lord are bearing fruit, and people are seeking him to learn FGW.

We have a tall task ahead of us: reaching 5,000 Kenyan families with FGW in five years. But with God, all things are possible. Look how far we’ve come already.

Thank you for being so supportive in helping our brothers and sisters help themselves by teaching them Farming God’s Way. You are saving lives and helping people experience eternal and abundant life. Thank you for your time and for traveling with me to Rwanda and Kenya. Until our next adventure….

Grace and Peace,

Jerry Jefferson

Director, Farming God’s Way

Look at this God’s blanket (mulch). Very impressive.

Griffin and I reminded the farmers how our bellies are full when we practice FGW.

Visitors learn from Griffin’s model farm.

Farmers examine Griffin’s beans and tomatoes.

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