A Rickshaw Driver’s Dreams

23 Jul

A Rickshaw Driver’s Dreams

Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Pastor Prince, at left, equipping Pastor Thanish with Bibles for his congregation in Northern India

Dear Friends,

Ram operates a rickshaw taxi service in Northern India to support his family. Two years ago, he began having dreams of “a beautiful man and his face often shines with marvelous light. This man call [my] name with much love.” Neither Ram nor his wife understood what the dreams meant.

One day Ram noticed two of his passengers holding a newspaper with the face of Jesus being used in a company’s Christmas greetings ad. This is the man who comes to my dream, he thought, and asked the couple who it was. Jesus, they said, the God of the Christians. This was the first time he had ever heard of Christians or of Jesus. Unable to forget his dreams nor the face in the newspaper, Ram spent the next 3 months asking friends and people in his village if they knew anything about Him. None could help Ram.

A short time later a Christian man named Thanish and his wife were traveling from a nearby village to pray for a family, and happened to be riding in Ram’s rickshaw. As had become his custom with his passengers, Ram showed them the newspaper clipping with Jesus’ picture, and asked whether they knew anything about Him.

Thanish and his wife knew Him, they said, much to Ram’s delight. After they spoke to him about Jesus, Ram invited them to his home where they prayed for his family. Ram immediately began attending their prayer meetings and visited the home of Thanish and his wife to ask more questions.

And it just so happened that a shipment of Bibles provided through Heaven’s Family’s Bibles for Believers Fund had just arrived, so he gave Ram a copy (photo below). Ram said, “I will keep this Bible with me every time and…I will read it and share with others the stories.” Some of those others will no doubt be the 7 family members he now brings with him to church.

Pastor Thanish presents a new Bible to Ram, a rickshaw driver

Many new believers like Ram are waiting for a Bible. Many of us take for granted the value of owning a copy of God’s Word because we have many copies in our homes and we have so many ways to access it digitally. For poor parts of India and in many other countries, however, providing Bibles to Christians is comparable to food donations to the starving. Thank you for your part in feeding Ram and his family with the Bread of Life!


Peter Wray
Director, Bibles for Believers Fund

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