Rocky holding his little sister

A Rocky Future

How can a boy growing up in a slum escape fate?

Dear Friends,

I first met Rocky a couple years ago while visiting a ministry called Hope House in the slums of Cebu City, Philippines. Not many boys come to the Bible studies or church services held at Hope House (reflecting the tendency for adult men to avoid any such activities), so Rocky’s warm smile and charm has stood out each time I’ve visited.

Unfortunately, however, Rocky’s father drinks a lot; his older brother is a drug addict and his older sister spends her time running with the boys. And when he first started coming to Hope House, Rocky was a thief. His future didn’t look good.

Statistically, most boys growing up in the slums of the Philippines end up in gangs, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or worse. With nothing to live for and no flicker of hope ahead, some accept enticing “job” offers from human trafficking recruiters. Although most victims of human trafficking and slavery are women and young girls, an estimated 25% are boys and men—most of whom are forced to supply some type of manual labor, such as working in a sweat shop, brick factory or on a fishing boat working out at sea. Conditions are hellish, and beatings and sexual abuse are commonplace.

Rocky’s future looks much brighter, however, since he’s been coming faithfully to Hope House, attending Bible studies, church services and joining in outreach efforts to other slums and homeless children. He attends school, and has just entered high school. He’s also made Jesus his Lord and has been baptized.

Heaven’s Family has been regularly supporting the efforts of Hope House, and we love seeing the fruit that’s being produced there—fruit that is also yours if you’ve given to the Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund. You are helping to change lives and protect girls—and boys—from those who would wish to traffic and enslave them.

Thank you so much for your partnership!

Together with Him,

Jeff Trotter
Co-director, Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund

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