Image of Mercy with her babyLeft: Mercy’s baby is doing much better, thanks to you! Right: Mercy and her starving baby, after they were found.

A Second Rescue

A personal visit restores a missing woman and her baby

Dear Family,

Judith, Heaven’s Family’s Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry’s trusted partner in Jinja, Uganda, has ministered to women for over a decade. Her weekly discipleship meetings have become a lifeline for people whose lives are riddled with poverty and extreme hardship. These groups have now multiplied throughout Uganda!

One group is held specifically for women who’ve contracted HIV as a result of rape. Sharing with others who have gone through the same life-impacting trauma, along with this ravaging disease, is beneficial in combating the isolation and shame these women carry as a result of rape.

When “Mercy” missed several meetings in a row, Judith went to visit her and found a mere shadow of the woman she knew. In addition to HIV, Mercy had contracted tuberculosis and suffered a stroke. Because of this, she could not call for help or care for her malnourished child. This six-month-old baby was starving and had malaria besides!

Judith sprang into action and got help for both of them. The baby is now doing much better, but Mercy is still recovering in the hospital. Because of you, their desperate need for food, basic home repairs, and medical care is being met and they are no longer languishing alone in a dark hut with no electricity.

Thank you for your love and support; you have enabled Judith to minister to Mercy and many women like her. You are making a huge difference!

Directors of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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