A Secret Meeting [Ben’s 3rd and Final Blog from South Korea]

22 Jun

A Secret Meeting [Ben’s 3rd and Final Blog from South Korea]

A Secret Meeting

Ben’s 3rd and Final Blog from South Korea

Dear Friends,

I emerged from the subway at the agreed-upon rendezvous point and straight into a rainstorm. Droplets of water immediately began spilling down my face, making it a challenge to scan the busy street around me for my contact. Then I spotted her across the street, taking shelter in an empty coffee shop. How interesting, I thought, that crowds of hurried South Koreans were unknowingly shuffling by one of the greatest North Korean smugglers of our time.

Mrs. Kim does not fit the spy-novel stereotype of an underground operative. As I met with her today—joined by my small team—her giant, disarming smile warmed the room where we sat. In contrast to her small stature, she offered each of us big hugs. There we shared a wonderful meal in a basement restaurant, far from the prying ears of those who would oppose her work. Although Mrs. Kim must operate in the shadows, the food, medicine, and warm clothes she smuggles has the power to light up North Korea with the love of Jesus!

Our conversation quickly turned to local news or the weather whenever our waitress strolled to our table, but while alone, Mrs. Kim poured out amazing accounts of her latest cross-border missions. She also showed us a few secret pictures taken from the over 200 underground church families she and her helper serve inside North Korea. On occasion she even smuggles out thank-you notes (like the one pictured below), scribbled on scraps of paper. For me, these pictures and notes are treasures, our only link to our brothers and sisters in Christ trapped under an evil dictator.

Our time with Mrs. Kim was too short as usual, and our parting filled with tears. I’m humbled when she thanks the supporters I represent. She risks her life, and yet she sees you as her lifeline, knowing that without your involvement, hundreds would be without hope. She wants me to tell you that she looks forward to meeting each of you one day—likely on the other side of eternity—but until then she sends her deepest gratitude.

It’s the brave heroes like Mrs. Kim who remind me that nothing can stop Jesus’ rescue of His bride. You are part of that rescue when you give to the North Korean Christians Fund. Mrs. Kim, our supported safe-house hosts, and the many other operatives I’ve spent time with here this week in South Korea are committed to their roles in the story. It would be an honor if you would continue to join in that story. Thanks for reading my blogs!

With thanks on behalf of those we serve together,

Ben Croft
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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