A slice of orphanage life!

05 Feb

The children at Zion love to play games after they are done with their school work and chores. Their favorite sport is soccer.

I want to share with you a slice of life shared with me in the most recent newsletter from Zion Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar. The director wrote the following, interspersed with photos to tell his story:

God is good all the time! By God’s grace we are in the ending part of 2012 year. When we looked back to the beginning of the year, there are many things that we need to thanks God.

All children enjoyed their semester break. We do not have special occasion just only rest and some working together with children. Since we are in winter season and we have great privilege to plant many vegetables and enjoy good season.

In Zion, all the children have each responsibility to do each day. High School students go to their school early in the morning at 6:00 AM. They are free to do their chores in the morning, but in the evening they need to do their chores.

Therefore, Sang Bik Lian (8 Grade), Zung Uk Sang (8 Grade) are in charge to watering the plants. Billy Johnson (7 Grade) and Phyo Ti Hah (6 Grade) help watering every morning. The middle school students go to their school 8:00 AM in the morning.

Baw Par Hnem, Ca Tin and Nay May help cook every morning because they go school 8:00 AM too.

Nicolas Yan Ngein Lin, 8 Grade is in charge of looking Duck project. We raise 100 Ducks and hoping to lay the eggs very soon! This is our first time to raise Duck.

Saw Noah, 8 grade and Nain Lyin Aung 5 grade are in charge of chicken farm. They know very well about raising chicken. Our chicken house is very clean because these two boys work very hard. We have two pigs they also took the responsibility too.

Timia, Mi Nge, Hnin Hnin, Se Re, Henry and Phu Lung are High school students. Phy Lung, Henry, Timia, and Saw May are in 10 standard and they need more time to study their lessons because their final examination very difficult. All children understood their situation and they are not doing as many chores like other children.

But Se Re, Hnin Hnin and Mi Nge are responsible to sell eggs. They need to send our customers every week. They are very faithful in their job.

Since we have small vegetable garden, chicken farm, ducks business, all children have something to do every day and they know the important of work, value of work.

By God’s grace all children are keeping very well.

Once again thank you very much for your prayer and financial assistant, without your help these thing will be happened. You are the one who paid big price for the children. May the good Lord bless you more and more!

On behalf of the orphans,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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